Oh baby

I just miss you alot. 
I miss experiencing you 
Hearing your voice or inhaling 
Your adorable scent 
I’m so sad because I can see us changing 
I can hear it in your voice 
And mine too
We sound different 
Almost nothing like we did all those months ago 
When we were soo close all the time 
I just miss waking up and knowing that chances are I will spend all day with you and I will love it 
I just don’t feel amazing anymore like the way I felt when I was with you everyday 
I miss you more than I can even feel.
My head and my heart hurt simultaneously 
I just wish everything was more clear about when we would finally be together for good but I’m starting to feel like I’m too young to know how to give you whatever it is you want
I wish I knew what you wanted 
I thought that we were irreversibly in love but I’m starting to think that maybe wanting each other isn’t always enough 

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One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken - Leo Tolstoy
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